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The multiplier effect of BLEU

Thanks to its expertise and extensive network of precious contacts and collaborators worldwide, BLEU is a strategic ally as well as an added value for its clients when it comes to finding new markets, sources of funding, new business opportunities, not to mention, winning, profitable and sustainable alliances and partnerships.

Bleu Innovation is wholly owned by its management team, who are totally committed to the same vision: driving their clients’ success by providing the best advice and the highest quality service


Pierre Daigneault LL,L, DDN
Founder and Principal


Pierre is a law postgraduate with an interesting and diverse mix of business knowledge and experience. He has worked as an attorney specializing in real estate transactions, financing and corporate law.

​A talented and recognized strategist and visionary,  Pierre has extensive management knowledge and experience in various fields of business.

With more than 25 years of relevant experience in business development as well as in business information, sustainable development and marketing, Pierre has successfully managed various types of businesses in such diversified fields as: real estate, sales, construction, property management, finance, banking, retail trade, manufacturing and the hospitality industry. 

Over the years, Pierre has become a knowledgeable sought-after expert and senior consultant in sustainable development, with a valued expertise in fund-raising, the internet business and international business development.

André Mondor    

Executive and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in leading business units for large scale organisations. Has a solid track record in the area of corporate strategy specialized in establishing distribution networks. Andre has successfully managed sales team, operations and marketing in differents industries.

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